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Each paw is 6 x 7 cm and slightly raised. Made from ABS. Clean the surface first with detergent, peel and stick. Pack of 2.  €6

3D Car/ Window/Decal Stickers

Baby Powder Pet Cologne Spray

This cologne spray has a lovely baby powder scent.  Just one spray will make a difference to the spell of your dog’s coat.  Size 100 ml.  €12.50

Medium Slicker Brush

This slicker brush can be used for any coat type.  Brush head size 4½ x 9cm.  It is best used in conjunction with a comb to eliminate knots in your dog’s coat through regular brushing.  €12.50

Metal Grooming Comb

Size 19cm.  This metal comb can be used on its own or together with a slicker brush to help maintain your dog’s coat.  Blue or purple. €10.50

Ladybird Clothes Brush

This is the only clothes brush that I would use.  It works magic on dog hair on any material.  Size 10 x 8cm.  €7.50

Dog Eye Cleaner/Tear Stain Remover

This eye cleaner is a cleansing lotion that can be used on eyes and sensitive mucus membranes.  Removes the dust and impurities that irritate the eyes and helps prevent eyelids from drying out.  Reduces stains underneath the eyes.  Regular use prevents the yellowing of fur caused by tears.  Ideally use daily until the stains are gone and then weekly for maintenance. Size 100 ml.  €19.50

Ingredients: Aqua, Maris sel (from dead sea),Boric

Ideal for car windows or any other shiny surface.  Size 21cm x 6cm.  €6

“Talk to the Paw” Window/Car Sticker

Great sticker for all dog lovers. Ideal for car windows or any other shiny surface.  Size 18 x 8cm.  €6

“My Kids have Paws”  Window/Car Sticker

Poodle Decal/Window Sticker - sticks to almost all clean surfaces.  Background colour will be the colour of the surface you place it on, or clear if you put it on a window.  Size 12cm x 12cm. €6

Poodle Window/Car Sticker

Waggy Tails Dog  and Puppy Grooming at Golden, Cashel, County Tipperary.  Professional Dog Groomer -  Clipping, Scissoring, Hand Stripping, Brushing, Trimming      

Hand made dog collar bows and bandanas for Groomers   Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

St Patrick’s Day Bandanas

Overlocked edge bandanas, shaped to fit your dog’s neck.  Three sizes, small, medium and large. Measured tip to tip along neck edge.

Small, Size 17" - €4.50

Medium, Size 24” -  €5.50

Large, Size 29” - 6.50

Medium, Pack 5, €12.50, Size 24" (measured tip to tip along neckline)

Large, Pack 5, €15.00, Size 29" (measured tip to tip along neckline)